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Ohio Polygraph Services, LLC

6532 Urbana Road

Springfield, Ohio 45502

When you need to know the truth...

Types of Tests

Ohio Polygraph Services, LLC offers examinations for the following issues:

Employment Screenings

  • Police Officer
  • Deputy Sheriff
  • Firefighter
  • Corrections Offi​cer
  • Dispatcher
  • Other Government Positions


  • Stipulated Tests

Defense Attorneys

  • ​Stipulated Tests

  • Use in Discussions with Prosecutor
  • Confirm Clients Truthfulness
  • Determine if your client would fare well if offered a police polygraph.
  • Obtain a more favorable plea bargain/sentence.

Relationship Issues

  • Suspected Drug Use
  • Suspected Cheating Spouse
  • Suspected Cheating Partner
  • Suspected Cheating Boyfriend/Girlfriend

Family Issues

  • Sexual Addiction

  • Child Physical or Sexual Abuse

  • Sibling Physical or Sexual Abuse
  • Child Neglect Allegations
  • Illegal Drug Use or Sales
  • Prescription Drug Abuse
  • Alcohol Use or Abuse

Other Issues

  • If you have other issues and you want to know if a polygraph examination can be administered to resolve that issue, please call for a free consultation.